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It is important to note that most public colleges and universities in South Carolina require two or more units of the same world language. Both Clemson University and the College of Charleston require three units of the same language.  In order to receive a South Carolina High School diploma, a student must complete either one credit of a foreign language or one credit of career and technology education. These courses are academic electives taught with rigor.
Dorman High School offers 3 of the most popular and useful world languages in our area:  Spanish, French, and German.  We offer both advanced and Honors level courses in each language.  In order to participate in the honors level courses, students must obtain a recommendation from their English teacher or language teacher.  Heritage speakers of Spanish who speak Spanish in their homes benefit from our two Spanish for the Heritage Speaker courses.
Course offerings(See DHS Course Guide for detailed course descriptions)
Spanish Language     French Language   German Language  
Spanish I adv. Spanish I honors Spanish for Heritage Speakers I French I adv. French I honors German I adv. German I honors
Spanish II adv. Spanish II honors Spanish for Heritage Speakers II French II adv. French II honors German II adv. German II honors
Spanish III adv. Spanish III honors   French III adv. French III honors German III adv. German III honors
  Spanish IV honors     French IV honors   German IV honors
  AP Spanish Language and Culture