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Dorman High School's instructional program utilizes the semester block structure. Students may earn eight units of credit a year. This structure affords flexibility and creativity in building an instructional plan.

The academic program is designed to meet the needs of a constantly changing and growing community. Students have a varied choice of curriculum levels and programs, both on the Dorman campus and at R.D. Anderson, the Applied Technology Center that serves the district. Students may choose from technical preparatory, and honors level courses as they design their four year plan of study. Many special programs are designed to meet student needs and interests.

Remedial courses are available in math, reading, and writing for students who need additional instruction. A resource program serves the needs of students with special learning needs through resource classes.

Advanced Placement courses are available in English, art, calculus, statistics, American history, European history, biology, chemistry, physics, and Spanish.

Dorman offers three foreign languages - French, German, and Spanish

The Fine Arts Department challenges the creativity and talents of students in art, band, chorus, drama, and orchestra.

Dorman boasts a Junior Reserve Offices Training Corps (JROTC) with an option for a full four-year program with all benefits offered.

Dorman's Business and Technology Departments and R.D. Anderson Applied Technology Center offer students technical and occupational programs to equip students with the training and job skills demanded by a highly competitive work environment.

Another avenue open to Dorman students is the opportunity to earn college credit while enrolled at Dorman. Area technical schools and local colleges work with Dorman to provide the best use of students' instructional time.