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Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule

First Period  8:20-9:50 
Class Change  9:50-10:00 
Announcements  10:00-10:03 
Second Period  10:03-11:33 
First Lunch  Second Lunch  Third Lunch
Lunch  11:33-12:03  Class Change 11:33-11:41  Class Change  11:33-11:41
Class Change   12:03-12:11  Third Period Part A  11:41-12:26  Third Period  11:41-1:16 
Third Period 12:11-1:46  Lunch 12:26-12:56  Lunch  1:16-1:46
Class Change 1:46-1:56  Class Change 12:56-1:03  Class Change  1:46-1:56
    Third Period Part B  1:03-1:46     
Class Change (all students) 1:46-1:56
Afternoon Announcements 1:56-2:00 
Fourth Period  2:00-3:30

Lunch Schedule

Main Cafe
1st lunch – 3rd block RDA, B100 hall classrooms (except Art, Drama, Consumer Science)
2nd lunch –B200 hall classrooms
3rd lunch – All A Wing classrooms

College & Career Center Cafe
1st lunch – C300 hall classrooms
2nd lunch – Art, Drama, Consumer Science classes
3rd lunch – C100 hall classrooms, C200 classrooms
In case of inclement weather 
1 Hour Delay:  
 First Period 9:20-10:20
 Second Period 10:28-11-33
 Resume Regular Schedule  


2 Hour Delay:  
 First Period 10:20-10:50
 Second Period 11:03-11:33
 Resume Regular Schedule  
If a student is a morning RDA student (which means they have both 1st & 2nd Period at RDA) or if they are a 2nd block only RDA student, they will report to RDA. Buses will leave at 10:15 a.m. If a student is a 1st period only RDA student they should report to the DHS cafeteria.