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Drill Team

Cavalier Drill Team


As of January 2018


            To sustain an adept and proficient Drill Team all members must be held to a certain standard inside as well as outside of practice. These vital standards of behavior and conduct are detailed below.

  1. All members must maintain a grade above C in all classes- Violation will result in probation until grade is improved 
  1. All members must maintain acceptable behavior throughout each school day, staying out of any form of punishment- Violation will result in probation if cadet receives ISS or teacher's detention, and removal if cadet receives OSS or suspension 
  1. All members must show proper respect to each other, especially those in leadership positions within Drill Team as well as those temporarily placed in leadership positions- Violation will result in pushups issued by a commander of the Cavalier Drill Team (no one else) for a minor offense, and counseling for a major offense 
  1. All members must attend practices regularly, not exceeding more than three unexcused absences per semester. Excusal may only be granted by the team sponsor before practice starts- Violation will result in removal 
  1. All members must be on time in the proper shoes- Violation will result in pushups issued by a commander of the Cavalier Drill Team (no one else)

 All members must follow the guidelines of the Rifle Safety Statement- If this is violated refer to Rifle Safety Statement



            These Rules and Guidelines are in place to ensure a successful Drill Team through disciplined and professional Team Members. If any rules are unclear consult a team commander or team sponsor.




  • Location- The Room belonging to the current Team Sponsor         assuming there is access to an Arms Room
  • Time- 3:45pm- 5:15pm, creating a practice time of one and a half hours with extensions to 6:00pm during the week of a major Drill Competition
  • Days- Drill Team is to practice on Tuesday and Thursday of every week. Any temporary changes or cancelations must be reported by a team commander approximately one week in advance.
  • Uniform- All members of drill team are required to wear their regulation uniform shoes; all members are also expected to dress according to the weather. Failure to dress properly for outdoor practices will become the problem of that cadet.
  • Regiment- Every Tuesday will be an unarmed practice starting first with squad drill, then moving into platoon. Every Thursday will be an armed practice starting first with squad, then moving into platoon.

Training/ Team Requirements

  • Tryouts- every tryout, regardless of position or rank, must complete two weeks (four practices) without being late, or absent to any of those practices. On the fifth practice the tryout(s) will be evaluated.
  • Tryout Evaluation- Upon completion of the required four practices the tryout(s) will be evaluated on their proficiency by no less than two current members of the team each using the standard evaluation forms. Each tryout will be accepted if they have an average score of 85% or above.
  • Re-Evaluation- every good standing member of The Cavalier Drill Team will be evaluated on their performance at the beginning of each semester. Any score less than 85% will be reported to that cadet, and they will be expected to improve.
  • Dual Team Requirement- If a Member of The Cavalier Drill Team is also a member of other teams or various groups requiring them to also meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then that cadet must attend at least one practice every week, alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays.