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Dorman High School STEM Program

The Dorman High School STEM Program is a comprehensive, accelerated honors program focusing on integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics instruction. Our program strives to enhance key skills in students such as initiative, critical thinking, adaptation, collaboration, problem-solving, resiliency, leadership, and communication by offering exciting, rigorous classes throughout all 4 years at DFC & DHS such as many Project Based Learning opportunities, research and internship experiences, engineering processes, along with Advanced Placement and Dual-Enrollment courses.
DHS STEM 4-Year Plan
STEM students will complete 11 STEM courses while also earning credits toward a South Carolina High School diploma. Students who earn all 11 credits will graduate from the accredited Dorman STEM program and Dorman High School.
DHS STEM Course Selection Resources
Becoming a DHS STEM Program Partner
The Dorman High School STEM Program is excited to be able to partner with many businesses, companies, organizations, and institutions of high education located in several communities throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. Our partners serve different roles within our program such as serving on our DHS STEM Advisory Board, hosting high school STEM research interns, attending STEM events at Dorman, mentoring STEM students, advising curriculum design, and/or providing field trip opportunities. If you or your company are interested in partnering with the DHS STEM Program, please contact us using the link below. Thank you and Go CAVS!