Updated Graduation Information

Graduation Day- Thursday, May 27
1. Graduation (Morning) Practice is mandatory (Thursday Morning May 27)
• Report to the FOOTBALL STADIUM by 8:15a.m.
• Park in the stadium parking lot and walk down to the field. Find your seat using your Senior Line-Up number. The chairs will have names and numbers.
• Practice will last about 2 hours – Bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water, etc. Water will be provided during practice.
• You will receive your TICKETS at practice.
• Each graduate will receive 6 memento tickets at practice. No extra tickets are available. Every person that enters the stadium is required to have a ticket.
2. Graduation (Evening) Ceremony (Thursday Evening May 27, 8:00pm)
• Seniors - Please, Please, Please report to the football field by 6:45 p.m. Traffic will start to get really heavy so please do not be late. Students should park in the grassy lot next to the stadium.
• Just like at practice, find your seat using your Senior Line-Up number provided to you at Senior Clearance. There will be several administrators on the field to assist you.
• If you don’t know or remember your number, please ask an administrator to help you be seated. Please do not sit just anywhere. It is important that you are in the correct order.
• Social Distancing Rules Will Be In Place during the ceremony.
Please dress in accordance with a dignified ceremony but be comfortable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! You must not pin anything to or write anything on your cap and gown. Only approved monograms will be allowed. Individuals dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to participate.
Crossing the Stage to Receive Your Diploma Cover
As you cross the stage you will receive a diploma cover from Dr. Owings. Take the cover with your left hand and shake with your right.
Diplomas will be issued immediately after the ceremony in the concessions area at the top of the stadium.
Each graduate must personally sign for his or her diploma. Please do not send another person in your place.
Online link for viewing graduation:
Inclement Weather Plan
In the event of inclement weather Thursday, May 27, the graduation ceremony will be moved to Friday, May 28, at 8:00pm in the stadium.

Handicapped Parking and Seating
There will be several reserved spaces for handicapped parking directly in front of the stadium.
• All of the overlooks in the stadium will also be reserved for handicapped seating. There is wheelchair access available to reach the lower levels. (Wheelchair ramp is to the left as you enter the stadium on the home side.)
• We will also have a Deaf/Hard of Hearing section with two interpreters (located at the bottom right of the stadium next to the blue reserved seats).
Other General Information
• Balloons, umbrellas and tripods for cameras will not be allowed.
• The gates will open at 6:00pm.
• Golf carts will be running from the parking lots (Social Distancing Rules Apply).
• EMS (including an ambulance), school nurses from DHS and DFC, along with several Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Deputies will be onsite.
Family members of graduates will not be able to access the field before, during or after the ceremony.
Dignified Ceremony – Each senior is very special to all of us. Every senior deserves the honor of having his or her name called and heard at graduation. While yelling or calling out a personal message to your student may seem innocent, it could prevent the next graduate’s name from being heard. We respectfully ask that all parents and family members withhold all applause and yelling until all of our seniors are recognized on graduation night. Thank You for your cooperation in helping to make graduation a dignified ceremony for the entire Class of 2021.