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Welcome To Mr. Hardin's Web Page

Contact Information
     Room:   C305
      E-Mail:   [email protected] 
      Phone:   864.582.4347 Ext. 3714
      Office Hours:
          Mornings: 7:45 AM - 8:05 AM 
          Afternoons: By Appointment 
Fall 2023
1st Block-  SREB Ready for College Math
2nd Block- Principles of Engineering (PLTW)
3rd Block-  Precalculus Advanced
4th Block-  Planning
Spring 2024
1st Block-  Principles of Engineering (PLTW)
2nd Block-  SREB Ready for College Math
3rd Block-   Precalculus Advanced
4th Block-   Planning
The table below shows deadlines for all missing and make-up. The deadline windows will align with the dates on which an assignment is entered into PowerSchool. The assignment date window applies to all classes. Consecutive absences do not extend deadlines unless those absences are medically excused or principal approved. This chart applies to all major assignments (Quizzes/Tests/Projects). This chart does not apply to homework or classwork assignments. Students may submit homework or classwork until it is checked in class or the answer key is posted in Google Classroom. If a student receives a homework or classwork assignment and is absent on the day that the assignment is checked, they may send a picture via email or Remind and still earn credit for completing the assignment given that the assignment is received by the guidelines mentioned above. Zeros will be given for homework or classwork assignments if the student: received the assignment, is present in class, and failed to attempt the assignment. There will be no make-up assignment for missed homework or classwork.